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because every question NEEDS an answer.

Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to be instrumental in listening and understanding and helping every person overcome their personal or professional life challenges with complete anonymity.

Core Values

Mutual Growth – By helping you grow, we grow.
Integrity – Our moral principles are in line with the principles of nature.
Humility – Knowing that we have set out to serve every single person on this planet, the day we are unable to assist them, we will be proactive in expressing our shortfalls.

Envisioned Future

Our goal is to reach and help one resolve each of their challenges.

Jeet Chheda

Born and raised in an environment where I was blessed with everything I needed and more, my heart was always inclined towards helping people.

While my schooling years were spent in mischief and playful activities, the next phase of my life played an important role in sculpting the man that I am today.

In and Out of relationships, real experiences helped me understand how different people perceive and express love. The true meaning of unconditional love was shown to me by my dogs who never failed to forgive and accept me for who I was.

My first course of Vipassana Meditation was in 2019. It not only helped me let go but also accept the reality I was a part of. I found my calling during this stay and also undiscovered my life long dream of creating a service that would help people. I believe everyone has the potential to discover what they truly love and only by empowering each other one can achieve it.

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1. What is difference between a personal and work question?

Personal questions cover all topics such as relationships, personal values, belief systems, anxiety, depression.
Work questions cover all topics related to businessmen, corporates and employees in their work environment.

2. What are all the categories that come under “Personal”?

Interpersonal relationships with children, spouses, girl/boy friends, parents, grandparents, friends, extended family. Self purpose, values, anxiety, depression, pain due to any past experience.

3. How do I retrieve my data from my previous chats if there is no option to login?

At the end of the session, make sure you save the chat as a PDF. That way it directly gets stored on your phone.

4. How do I contact you for any problems encountered during the chat session such as not receiving adequate information related to my question or issues with payment?

Please fill out the feedback form at the end of the session or contact us on the email provided in the contact section of our website and application and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

5. Is there an option to meet the counsellor in person ?

Yes, you can discuss and schedule to meet your assistant during your chat/ call session.

6. What happens if I enter a business query in a personal chat?

We inform you and request you to either stick to the plan chosen or come back again for the business related query.

7. How do I trust that the person answering my questions is not misusing the data that I am providing him/ her?

Our methods are transparent. We have provided our contact information on our website as well as application. Moreover, unlike most other websites and applications we do not ask for any information regarding your identity.

8. How can I request for a refund?

We’d like for you to continue using our app. In case you’ d like to request a refund, leave us a comment at the end of the session in the feedback form or send us an email stating why you’d like a refund.

9. What happens in case of a payment dispute?

Contact us and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

10. What is the maximum time I can be put on hold/standby before my chat session begins?

We have a maximum hold time of ten minutes before your chat begins. In case it takes longer than that, please switch on your notifications on the app and we will let you know as soon as the next assistant is available.

11. Does Q&A have psychiatrists who are allowed to prescribe medication?

Q&A is a team of experienced professionals with a deep passion for helping people resolve their problems. Currently, we do not have any psychiatrists on board.

12. Does Q&A have any way of finding out my true identity?

We do not ask you for your real name, email address or phone number. Unlike most other platforms who require this information, we are only interested in your questions and helping you find relevant answers. There is no way for us to find out who you really are. However, if you choose to schedule an appointment and meet us then that would a choice from your end.

13. What happens if I am diagnosed with a mental health related issue and need intense therapy that a chat duration of 10 minutes is too short for?

We’d request you to schedule a face to face appointment during your chat session and recommend you to professionals according to your proposed problem.

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